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Pagan God Pan

on ley line of earth ~ turning to greet sun ~ co-creating dawn of new day

on ley line of still space ~ between worlds ~  of night and day

a hearty presence laughs in my ear ~ of merry-making and joy ~ very signal that cues bird song

I came to know him that day as Pan ~ horned pagan god

~ Image

~ excerpt from S/He Dragon, 1986



Hawthorn Neighbor

Hawthorn Neighbor

In Celtic tradition, Hawthorn’s association with portals has earned it a magical reputation as carrier of the power of the hinge, opening that which is shut, and shutting that which is open, as the tree deems fit. ~ Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger


Dragon Dreaming

Dragons, while commonly thought of as fire-breathing marauders, were, to the Celts, indicators of places of great power. Where dragons trod, mystic energy flowed, and where they laired were invariably places of great sanctity and mystical harmony. While dragons were dangerous, they were also indicators of fertility, of life. ‘The Path of the Dragon’ was the Celtic term for ley lines.
By Tim Lazaro (