personal and planetary healing

S/He Dragon and Transfusion


Do you see images when you communicate? Images that “download” to contribute to the conversation? I call this Dragon Speak and it happened to me this week as I was meeting with Sara Pelfrey to plan a S/He Dragon book signing event at Soul Food Books. The idea is to include a panel of women discussing some themes in the book as well as native flute with my friend and brother, Paul “Che-oke-ten” Wagner. As we were talking I kept seeing images. At one point I saw a vein with rich red blood flowing. These images inspire me as well as offer information. I integrate them in my awareness, the conversation and sometimes mention the actual image as it appears. From this image I “got” that S/He Dragon events have the potential to serve as a blood transfusion…pumping new life into the brain-body. I am including musician friends and women in my book signing events to increase the flow.


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