personal and planetary healing

Goddess Initiation

Gaia image

At one time in my life I needed to be in nature to re-energize and feel full-filled. I took many trips into the Olympic Rainforest and Cascade mountains where I did ritual, offering gifts to the elements of water, air, earth and fire. In these green, quiet spaces my soul and body were nourished.

In Nature, many years ago, I experienced Goddess initiation as Her elements of water, air, earth and fire fused my elemental matter. I am Nature! I am water, air, earth and fire! Now I don’t have the same need to run into the rainforest or mountain range to feel whole.

Now I look up at clouds and blue sky, feel the wind, take a deep breath, and look around at trees “breathing me” (words come through this intuitive moment, NOW). Does this mean trees need humans as much as we need them? The word “symbiotic” comes through my intuitive right-brain. My  logic puts the words//parts together: Nature and humans have a symbiotic relationship.

Goddess wants to fuse and initiate you! Through the practice of gratitude and being present NOW, in Her elemental Nature, Goddess blesses you with transcendence beyond ego identity and reality.


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