personal and planetary healing

Slime Mold Totem

slime pink

Hi Trish,
I googled Meg Wheatley. Her concept of looking to nature for hints reminded me of the icon of grassroots organizing that I like to pay homage to: slime molds. They transcend boundaries and their lifestyle is quite curious. I’ve attached a ‘poem’ I wrote some time ago praising slime molds. I think the Wilderness movement has been going through the spore stage and is about to spring forth, having disseminated across the landscape. At least I hope so…
be well,
ps: slime molds have their own website and organization of admirers

Slime Mold Totem

icon for organizing

bridging boundaries

plant and animal

individual and community

fungible amoebas

identical yet individual

sliding together on charismatic clue

to differentiate in form and function

transform into highly organized slime

efficiently networking by design

humbly on a mission

to replicate itself

a thousand fold

with pollen on the wind

spreading into fertile ground


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