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Dragon Path

Dragon Path

Hi Trish,

How’s your book coming along?

I returned from Britain last week. There is a plaque on top of Glastonbury Tor marking the Dragon Path that runs from Avebury Stone Circle in the northeast to St. Michaels Mount in the southwest.

I planted a crystal on Glastonbury Tor along the Dragon Path. I planted more crystals at Avebury so I hope it helps keep Dragon energy flowing. I also planted a crystal at Stonehenge. I was going to plant a crystal at Woodhenge, but my wooden “wand” broke off as I was digging and left a piece of wood in the ground, so Woodhenge spoke!

Avebury felt spiritually connected to the cosmos. You can still walk among the stones and touch them. Stonehenge is a big tourist attraction and you can only look at the stones from a distance.

Hope you are well,

Linda (Nature Spirit Medicine Circle)

Glastonbury Tor


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