personal and planetary healing

A Voice in the Wilderness

I often wake up to images or information. I see this movement of “waking up” as a process from deep theta brainwave to alpha to beta of this ordinary reality.These brainwaves are nicely dissected into parts by scientists. I want a name for a new brainwave that sees, catches, wraps around all at once. This new name for an inclusive brainwave gives the parts an S flow with curves of the Sacred Feminine. Science and linear, mental mind has omitted this Feminine way of seeing, It’s time now for change.

Core strength moves me to be a “voice in the wilderness”–that dark place that frightens many people–that dark place that holds mystery–that dark sub-conscious place within that  humans want to avoid–that dark green place that humans destroy.

Today I spoke up on a conference call regarding what I saw underneath the surface. I spoke as a shaman, mystic, Seer and identified the dark toxic force that continues to harass me and those in my field who are communicating. This two-legged entity is being called out and the only reason I can do this now on a larger stage is because of core strength. Dragon gutsyness has gained momentum and I will continue to be a voice in the wilderness. it is a good place to be as I am not alone. I have a “ladder” of support!


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