personal and planetary healing

Evol and Evil

Dragon Eye

Dark, evil forces and Light, evol forces move through two-legged humans. These forces are spiritual, alchemical and chemical moving through our vibrational, energetic and circulatory systems.

Evil’s stagnating energy is a downward spiral. Evol’s evolving energy is an upward spiral. When in balance these two opposite forces create a circular path that holds and projects harmony…sweet music of the spheres.

When out of balance evil is manipulative through harassment, bullying, abuse, and the killing of life. This trickery is applied for the purpose of submission, wanting humans to submit to the will of darkness. Humans cannot and will not do this bidding.

Enter Evol and Light saying, “Enough! You will no longer harass, bully, abuse, and kill life.” Light is here. We are not afraid of you, nor will we submit or retreat. We meet you head on!

Darkness has a creative role in the Circle of Life. It is half of the whole. Out of balance it is destructive. In balance it is constructive.

Dark and Light forces move through two-legged humans for the healing of Gaia and the larger whole. On wings we fly!


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