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Have you breathed FIRE today?



Have you breathed FIRE today? Have you spoken TRUTH from your core? If so, be ready for change. Blue Throat Chakra words carry energetic frequency that cause effects in our day to day living. We are what we express…let it be clean and bright FIRE.


Flying Dream

Flying Dream

Flying upward, forward and around
Full circle somersault mid-air
Such a thrill to land on two feet flying dragon
Knowing motion of e-motion

Weave Your Web

dragon celtic knot

Solar/Soul Beings weave webs of Light aligning Truth, evolving Life, enlightening Matter. Dark Beings weave webs of illusion distorting Truth, stagnating Life, destroying Matter. Do I, do we, know the difference when they appear as threads within and around us?

Plugged In


We are beings of Light energy (+ charge) and Dark matter (- charge) expressing as one complete circuit. Where there is circuitry there is fire…Dragon fire.

Light Beams


What do Dragons, Faeries, and Solar Beings have in common? Wings of flight, transcending as Light Beams through multi-dimensions.

Winged flight is more than left brain mental activity. It is an intuitive path and mystical gateway. Every human being has this brain-body capacity.

Who is ready to ride Light Beams? Who is willing to do inner core/soul work that moves one out of self-centered toxic ego into radiant Light?