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Dream Time

Dream Time

Dream time February 1993: I find a Salamander and hold it tenderly while looking for a place to set it free near forest for protection and water for nourishment. In “real” time I feel motherly toward this tiny creature and asked Native American, David Horsely, to draw an image of it for my non-profit organization Community Threads. Time proved this to be the initial birth of S/He Dragon.


Dark and Light

Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Dark sorcerers walk amongst us using their bag of tricks to manipulate matter. They cast spells in telepathic realm and manipulate in this one. Why? To push their agenda of chaos and fear, the opposite of Love’s Light. There are people who can help clear these intrusions such as psychics, shamans and medicine people. Traditional healing/medicine does not include energetic realms. Multi-dimensional healing is available for those who see themselves in a crystalline community. The Nature of Love is to shine forth. No one, in any realm, is allowed to interfere with Divine Love! As Light Workers we cast our own spells of Love, Truth and Life — to restore balance.




S/He Dragon ~ how I found my wings is a story about my evolving relationship with Light.

Solstice Song

4:40 am, June 21, 2014

Earth Sun lovers ~ in orbital embrace

One at radiant center ~ the other tilting, spinning in response

Their contact grounding ~ enlivening cellular matter

Their circuitry charged ~ releasing celestial song

Their solstice alignment ~ celebrated today

By Solar Beings attuned ~ singing as One

Star Gate Crystal

S/He Dragon crossed paths with a Star Gate quartz crystal at a shop in Mt. Shasta. The power of this energy source almost knocked S/He off her feet. This story will be added to S/He Dragon ~ how I found my wings, a story book that continues to evolve.

Dragon Speak

S/He Dragon supports planetary healing through the Transition Network’s global community and its “inner resilience” component that includes “head, heart and hands.” S/He posted the following “Dragon Speak” in response to Rob Hopkins brilliant article, Is Transition Political? ( Dragon Speak is different language than human speak. It is more right-brained (seeing the whole) than left-brained (seeing the parts). These two opposites are learning to work together.


Free Flowing Transition

I have been circulating Transition Free Press newspapers to my regional Transition Towns here in Salish Sea/Pacific Northwest/US. Each TT has a unique shape through their action projects and the platforms on which those actions stand. Does not every project have a political platform, a purpose?

This is not politics as usual. This is a system of flow where “bottom up” meets “top down.” Duality stops here. (We might need a new word to replace old “politics” if we can’t see it in a new light.)

It is empowering and encouraging when a Transition member is on City Council and part of that mainstream system. We feel proud. Go team!

Transition is a “party”, a network, a global community in action of flow. We follow our hearts and let that spirit guide us whether that is organizing a county coal/oil train watch, a Tool Library, a climate change event or a food hub.

It’s all Transition in flow.


Puff, the Magic Dragon

“Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, and frolicked in the Autumn Mist in a land called Honah Lee, little Jacky Paper loved that rascal Puff, and gave him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.”
Peter Yarrow, Puff, The Magic Dragon

Dragon Vision

Pagan God Pan

on ley line of earth ~ turning to greet sun ~ co-creating dawn of new day

on ley line of still space ~ between worlds ~  of night and day

a hearty presence laughs in my ear ~ of merry-making and joy ~ very signal that cues bird song

I came to know him that day as Pan ~ horned pagan god

~ Image

~ excerpt from S/He Dragon, 1986


Soulful Orbs

Soulful Orbs

Feelings connect us soul to soul giving relationship spiritual dimension.